About me

I am an assistant professor in Department of Computer Science , College of Engineering . My current research interests are in computational science and engineering , including computational material science (phase-field method using MARMOT, engineering-scale simulations using BISON, as an authorized user), applications of data science in basic sciences, HPC, computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

Data Analysis and Visualization allow us to access the insights of large amount of complex data easily. It's also fun to predict or reproduce what's really happening in space by using scripts and codes. Here are some examples ofanimations I've made.

Graduate assistantships are available

Crack tori

If you like those figures, don't hesitate to contact me.

We always welcome self-motivated graduate and undergraduate students who would like to engage in computational science and engineering, especially those who have a background in form one of the following fields: mechanical engineering, material science or physics. Some programming skills in one of languages like FORTRAN, C++, C and python is preferred. However, the self motivation is most valued. We recently focus on two fields: (1) multi-scale simulation of nuclear fuels suitable for students with some background in CSE; (2) data analysis, high-performance computing that is suitable for students with CS background. Contact me if you have interests.

Find me

My office is in City Center Plaza 347, Downtown Boise. Since 2016 Fall, the whole CS department has relocated from the main campus to Boise Centre's City Center Plaza (see the building) , located at 777 West Main Street in Downtown Boise.

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