Class Schedule

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Acknowledgement: Some of the lab materials used in this course are from the SEED Lab, created and maintained by Dr.Wenliang Du from Syracuse University.
Date Topic
Week 1, 01/14, Monday [Ethical Hacking Overview] [agenda] [sqli.txt] [vmsetup.txt] [hostnamesetup.txt] [sshsetup.txt]
Week 2, 01/21, Monday No Class - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Week 3, 01/28, Monday [TCP/IP Concepts Review] [tcp ip lab]
Week 4, 02/04, Monday [Instruction for installing Android VMs on VirtualBox] [VirtualBox VM Setup] [mobile device hacking lab session 1] [Files needed for the lab]
Week 5, 02/11, Monday [Network and Computer Attacks] Quiz 1 [Environment Variables Lab] [Notes for env lab.txt] [Race Condition Lab] [Quiz 1 statistics]
Week 6, 02/18, Monday No Class - Presidents' Day
Week 7, 02/25, Monday [Port Scanning] [Nmap in the Matrix Reloaded] [Nmap exercise] [mobile device hacking lab session 2] [Important Instructions] [user manual for Android recovery OS]
Week 8, 03/04, Monday [Continue working on mobile device hacking lab session 2] [Lab reflections and exercises for Mid-term exam]
Week 9, 03/11, Monday Mid-term Exam [web hacking part 1] [The OWASP cheatsheets] [pseudo random number generation lab] [Code for the lab] [Mid-term statistics]
Week 10, 03/18, Monday No Class - Spring Break
Week 11, 03/25, Monday [web hacking part 2] [web hacking lab session 1] [Important Instructions]
Week 12, 04/01, Monday [web hacking lab session 2] [Completion Requirements]
Week 13, 04/08, Monday [web hacking lab session 2] Quiz 2
Week 14, 04/15, Monday [XSS notes and the xss game by Google] [web hacking lab session 3] [XSS Lab Completion Requirements] [Quiz 2 statistics]
Week 15, 04/22, Monday [XSS notes - part 2] [web hacking lab session 3]
Week 16, 04/29, Monday [course review: Lab reflections and exercises for final exam]
Week 17, 05/06, Monday Final Exam, 7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.