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[TXT]tcp_output.c14-Mar-2003 01:02 43K 
[TXT]tcp_ipv4.c14-Mar-2003 01:01 62K 
[TXT]tcp_input.c14-Mar-2003 01:01 110K 
[TXT]tcp.h14-Mar-2003 01:01 53K 
[TXT]tcp.c14-Mar-2003 01:01 79K 
[TXT]sysctl_net_ipv4.c14-Mar-2003 01:02 8.7K 
[TXT]sysctl.h14-Mar-2003 01:02 19K 
[TXT]protocol.c14-Mar-2003 01:01 4.6K 
[TXT] 01:01 6.1K 
[TXT]ip_output.c14-Mar-2003 01:01 26K 
[TXT]ip_input.c14-Mar-2003 01:01 13K 
[TXT]ip.h14-Mar-2003 01:01 7.7K 
[   ]install14-Mar-2003 01:01 1.2K 
[TXT]asm.socket.h14-Mar-2003 01:01 1.7K 
[TXT]af_inet.c14-Mar-2003 01:01 29K 

These are the source files for building the cluster protocol, that doesn't use the TCP send queue, doesn't use ACKs, windows, and sequence numbers, and doesn't checksum. It uses a ring buffer to store messages that are being sent, and the length is the kernel parameter net.ipv4.cluster_output_ring.

Instructions for building a cluster protocol compatible kernel

  1. extract the 2.4.18 kernel
  2. run either "make xconfig" or "make config"
  3. run "make dep"
  4. run "install" passing the path to the kernel directory as the first parameter. The install script will backup all modified files, by appending a .orig to the file name.
  5. run "make dep", again
  6. make the kernel